Getting your hands on PS5 can be frustrating

Demitri Jaramillo, Editorialist

The PS5 is hard to get, but will be worth the wait. It has been seven years since the last Playstation came out and the gameplay buried its rival, XBOXONE. That’s why people are so excited for the PS5.

The PS5 is not an ugly console. It can boost your living room decor and make it look more fancy with its tall and bulky internet router shape. It has a white exterior. This console can also play HD and Blu-ray movie discs.

The PS5 comes with 825 gigabytes of  storage meaning that you can get a dozen or so games into it. This is a high end storage as well. If you hit start on a certain game, it will not take forever to load, you will be playing that game in seconds. This console will be pleasing, if you can get your hands on it. 

Buying the PS5 is super challenging. From experience, I have been on the website and the release date is at 12 o’clock. Me and my parents are all on the website right at 12 when it opens, we put all of our information at 12:01. We are about to check out in the cart, and boom…the website crashed. All three of us are trying to get this console and we cannot pull it off. 

The websites need to be better for buying this new console. How are people supposed to buy a new console if the website kicks them out? I understand that too many people on a website causes the website to crash, but I have been doing a little research and people use bots to buy the PS5.

There are people on Ebay who have marked up the the original price by double the original price. PS5 needs to limit the amount of purchases per person to help out with other people. The PS5 is worth the wait, but we need a little more help from the websites in order to not pay double the original price.