Red Robin carryout gets order, quality of food correct

Letia Juarez, Critic

My family decided to get carry-out burgers for the Jones vs Tyson fight from Red Robin.  With restaurants serving dining rooms at limited capacity, companies like Red Robin have had to make it easier to order carryout from their menus.

I logged into the Doordash app and began my order for pickup. I ordered four burgers and fries making one of those burgers plain and added bacon and avocado. This was my mom’s burger who is an EXTREMELY picky eater. I sent the order in and was told it would be ready in 20-25 minutes, which was really not a long time since we live on the other side of town anyways.

When we got there, to our surprise their lobby had been closed for dine-in due to COVID so the only open part of the restaurant was the entrance where people walked in. This might be an issue during a rush since there can only be 2-3 people max inside of the entrance. People have to wait outside and now the weather is a lot colder. However, they do have the option of sitting in their car until their food is ready.

There was one person ahead of us and they got their food within the first few minutes of being there. We then got our food 5-6 minutes later. When we got back in the car, we checked my mom’s burger to make sure it was customized to her liking, it is no surprise to us if her burger would be messed up since that commonly happens everywhere we go, but when I opened up her burger, to my relief, it was made perfectly and how she asked for. This not only saved us time, but it also saved the restaurant time so they wouldn’t have to remake her burger.

The burgers and fries came packaged neatly in a plastic container  and the food was fresh and hot, the burgers were wrapped in aluminum foil helping to contain the heat until we got home. Red Robin carryout is successful and worth your time.