$crim solo outing worth a listen

Davon Ramirez Padilla, Critic

 Rap artist $crim, known from the $uicideboy$ hip-hop/rap duo from G59 Records, has a variety of talents as he produces most of the beats and tracks as well as performing his lyrics on top of them in tandem to his cousin “Ruby da cherry.” The Duo has gained massive popularity with their grunge style and wild personalities. The cousins grew with fame as they so hoped for after they successfully made songs that resonated with their fans. 

 As with many artists their growth halted. The rap duo, after a while, stopped producing as many albums and tracks as before, leaving fans eager for more. But fans didn’t know that they were in store for more. $crim then announced A Man Rose from the Dead”, with every  part of the album made solely by $crim.

The album consists of 22 tracks being 51 minutes long.  It is impressive in its least for being made by one person .The album depicts his triumphs and struggles through addiction and life, and taking a different tone then he used to. The album being a range of synths and melancholy sounds brings a more smooth and calm approach versus his previous hardcore style.

 All through the album, we can see how he as a character is growing and changing during the process of becoming sober. With songs of sad emotions, to the times of anger as many go through during this recovery process. $crim is able to make his beats reflect the emotion he is trying to express extremely well and is complimented by his lyrics. On the contrary, the songs may blend together as some sound similar. In addition much of the topics and visuals we can see and hear are explicit and may not be suitable for all.

Despite the fact of the nature of the material, it is a very well produced album and worth the listen.