‘Greece’ is great in new Drake jam

Jaziel Soto, Critic

DJ Khaled and Canadian rapper Drake  collaborated on this odd but good song, “Greece.”

Previously this year, Drake had dropped an unexpected album Dark Lane Demo Tapes.  On May 1, 2020. A couple months later Drake and Khaled had made “Greece.” It was a huge hit. It debuted at number 4 on RS 100.  It skyrocketed with 18.8 million streams. Khaled and Drake had come up with an unusual beat for the song.  The song is more of a hip/hop beat with a mixture of rap. The beat is somewhat hype with an electric tone and a cooling voice. Drake takes a smooth tone on this song talking about a girl. As an artist Drake has always had a soft spot for ladies. The man has been hurt many times ever since he first started rapping. People can either get hype to this song, or either get in their feelings.

On the other hand, not so many people liked the song. They hated how Drake used way too much autotune. They even thought he sounded like the Weeknd with his high pitched voice. Drake usually never uses that much autotune until he dropped ‘Greece.”

I personally think it was pretty good. The beat is catchy and so are the lyrics. Who wouldn’t want to jam to a “Life’s sweet baby, Iced out baby?” Drake and Khaled also had another single collab.

Both of their singles made the top 10. Personally I loathed ‘Popstar’. It was down right terrible. But, everyone has different opinions. Drake has said he is still not done. He will drop a new album in January 2021 called Certified Lover Boy