Pop Smoke’s last album really showed his potential

Cesar Villanueva, Critic

 Shoot For the Stars, Aim for the Moon was released July 3, 2020. Pop Smoke’s posthumous album had a tracklist of 19 songs. Shoot for the Stars had many credible producers from Pop Smoke himself with help from 50 Cent (Executive Producer), Steven Victor, and Rico Beats.  The first part of the album is more New York Drill ( “Gangstas”, “44 Bulldog”) and the second part being more focused on R&B 

From notable features from Lil Baby, Roddy Ricch, 50 Cent, and Migos’ Quavo, Pop Smoke was expanding on to different forms of music but still saying true to his New York Drill roots. 50 Cent’s influence was heavily present on Shoot For the Stars. “Got It On Me” had reference to one of 50 Cents biggest songs “Many Men (Wish Death)” released in 2003.

Pop Smoke was able to capture the New York Drill style of rap by “Flexing” his expensive cars and clothes. But also sending threats to his rival gangs. On songs like “Make it Rain” and “Tunnel Vision” Pop Smoke has an aggressive tone about his come up and all the things he had to do while growing up in Brooklyn while still flexing his expensive cars and his carefree attitude.. 

Pop Smoke was also able to show that he had a soft side and not all violent. On songs like “Mood Swings” and “What You Know About Love” he was able to bring out his romantic side. Pop Smoke showed how he was able to do more than just rap about just being materialistic and showed true emotions on his songs. 

Shoot For the Stars, Aim for the Moon had major radio hits. The biggest songs of the album were “For the Night” “The Woo” and “Mood Swings” gaining big traction on Tik Tok. It really showed the true talent of Pop Smoke and saw how he was trying to expand his music.