‘Riverdale’ program provides fun mystery for teens

Marinez Espinoza, Critic

Riverdale is a  small town where nothing big really happens. Well not until Jason Blossoms goes missing. He is quickly found not too long after he disappears but not alive. That’s where the real mystery starts: what had happened to him? Who was Jason’s killer? As a group of high school friends are determined to find the answers to these questions, they are also dealing with their own drama in their personal lives.

It is a great show for teenagers that love drama, mysteries, and a little romance because it has all three. This is a show that keeps you wanting more. It gives a lot of teasers and theories to who might be the killer. It’s a show that really makes you think no only about who the murder is  but also real life situations, like who you surround yourself with and their true identity.

If you grew up watching Scooby Doo, then this is a show you’ll love, as both shows have mysteries solved by a group of high school friends with an unbreakable bond. The message in both shows are the real monsters are humans and the ones you least expect it to be. Although the Scooby gang solves mysteries  everywhere, Riverdale is in their local town.

The actors are a big part of what makes the show bad or good. Cole Sprouse plays Jughead Jones, the troubled teen from the other side of the tracks, the outcast. He plays this character great and this is not his first TVshow. He also played in The Sweet Life of Zack and Cody. That was for young viewers and he has grown with his fans from Disney Channel to this teen show.

Lili Reinhart plays Betty Cooper, a smart good girl with a dark side. She makes this character so interesting because her facial expressions go with what she’s acting out. She’s been in other movies and shows but in this show compared to her characters in the other she’s very different.

Camila Mendes is Veronica Lodge, the new rich girl to Riverdale. That’s how everyone sees her but she is also a hustler like her father. She gives a lot of energy in every seen she does and makes it so realistic.She’s been in mostly romance/mystery  movies like Dangerous Lies so she had experience in this category of acting.

Kj Apa plays Archie Andrews, the kind jock in school, and when it comes down to his friends he’s very protective over them. He has also played in romance movies and is almost always the kind guy. He’s been in movies like The Last summer and The Hate You Give.  

This show has great actors, plot twists and mysteries great for 13 years of age and up.