My worst GPA ever

Armando Lopez, Editorialist

Since moving to remote learning, every day becomes an even greater struggle to get work done. It may be a lack of motivation, but being a senior, it seems as if I have plenty of that. Simply put, getting the work done is a drag. 

Each day I tell myself about how bad my grades are compared to previous years and how I will start trying harder starting tomorrow. Of course that never happened because my grades and ability to do work have not improved. 

One would tell you imagine your goal and work towards that goal. My dad told me, “Just keep trying because if you give up now then all the hard work you have been through was for nothing, I have seen how isolated you made yourself and how hard you work in order to get all your work done, imagine all of that time wasted.” 

I am doing worse this year then I did in freshman year when I had very little motivation to do work and no goal in mind. What pushed me to do better before was having friends around me who were trying and actually did well in school, but now my friends face the same problems as I do. 

It is not as simple as “just do the work,” or “pay attention, work harder.” There’s a lot more depth that goes into it. I have first block off and yet I feel drained from being on a screen for 6 straight hours. After spending all day in my room, I have no time left for other activities I was looking forward to. I like to run in order to de-stress, but sometimes the work load I get tells me that there is no time for any of that. 

I never realized how much I miss normal school and now being in a full class of my friends seems like a distant possibility. Even if we go back, we’ll only get to spend half the time we were supposed to spend together before heading off to college.

Please be better to us, 2021.