‘Crime Junkie’ podcast breaks down mysteries for listeners

Jacey Piacenza, Critic

Are you one of those people who loves to read about different crimes? Do you find that some of the books and articles just get too long to read about and you feel like you don’t get every detail? Well there is a solution:  Crime Junkie

Crime Junkie is a podcast that you can get on any mobile device that started production in December of 2017. It goes over true crime stories and goes into every little detail about the crimes that have been committed. In the title of each episode, the hosts of the show, Ashley Flowers and Brit Priwat, discuss what type of crime they will be talking about. Crimes range from missing persons all the way to murder. 

Some of the stories that the two hosts go over are very big cases that everyone has heard about like the missing persons case of Madeleine McCann. They define this podcast in the murder category.  Not a lot of people have heard the whole story and Crime Junkie is willing to give it to everyone. But some of the stories go over cases not many have heard about that are wild. 

The podcast might not be for everyone. But it can be very enjoyable to people who love to hear about true crime. They have a total of 159  episodes and continue to air them because there are so many crimes to talk about. So if you like to hear about crime and get every detail about what happened and dive into it then Crime Junkie is the podcast for you.