Classes should be more diverse and helpful in life

Cesar Villanueva, Editorialist

There should be more classes that help you learn how to live in the real world. For example, there should be more in depth classes on money, mental and physical health, cooking, languages, philosophy, current events, and how to be a better person overall.

In schools today there are only a limited amount of classes offered. Most students graduate high school without knowing anything about how to save money, debt, or the stock market. In today’s world you need to know mostly everything about money to be successful. There should be classes that teach you how to save your money and how to invest to be able to be successful in life. Learning how banks work could lead you to a path of greatness. 

There should also be more classes that offer better overall health. Better ways to deal with anxiety and depression along with other mental illnesses students may possess. It is always helpful when students learn how to take care of their bodies at an early age. Being able to know how to cook healthy and good meals is also very helpful to keep a student healthy. Learning how to cope with problems is better than just ignoring them and  trying to make them go away. Also teaching students how to deal with stress and how to manage the pressure of high school is a great way to make students learn better and be active in school.

Having the option to learn more languages is also beneficial. It could help students get better jobs and be overall more happy. Also talking about philosophy could increase better performance in and out of school. Learning about current events is also a huge way to get students engaged in classes. Being able to talk about what’s going on outside of school could help students in the real world.