‘Life is Good’ shows money-making combination

Eli Torrez, Critic

The Future and Drake collaboration “Life is Good ” was released on January 10, 2020. It is ranked 7th on the top 100 Billboard charts for the year. It is one of the most streamed songs of the year.

It’s been a long four years since their last collab single “What A Time To Be Alive.” The collaboration of these top performing rappers is Future’s song with Drake as a feature, whereas  “What A Time To Be Alive” was listed as a Drake and Future song. The public response to the song is positive and many hope there will be more collabs in the going forward, but nothing is confirmed.

The song’s success could be attributed to their storytelling and the way it was put together. It almost sounds like two solo songs connected to each other. This connection gives it a unique overall sound to the song. The story comes alive with the music video showing them working seven days a week in minimum wage type jobs. They work in fast food, for a trash truck company, as bakers, and IT workers.  Future is the optimist in the story, with the meme of him saying “Life Is Good” playing out as well. The song is relatable showing how it takes multiple jobs just to get by.  They have taxes to pay, girlfriends to deal with, and pressures from their friends.  The video plays out with them making it in life, but even with success and money, they still have a boss.  

Future is known for his emotional, real-life rawness, and sometimes cryptic lyrics. He’s collaborated with big names in the rap industry but is most known for his solo work. Drake is known for his versatility as a musician. His approach to music is always evolving. Not everyone who likes Future is a fan of Drake but it’s obvious that the combination of the two artists is a money maker.