Students provide tips to keep motivated for last week of school year

Cesar Villanueva, Staff Writer

During online school, motivation is a tough thing to find. As the second quarter is coming to an end and holidays are right around the corner, students are being less and less motivated to do their online work. Greeley West students have been coming up with ways to keep going. 

Gustavo Jaime, an AVID sophomore, said his teachers have been a big part in keeping him motivated during school. “When I am stuck on something ,my teachers are always there if I need them and making lessons as fun as they could be during online,” said Jaime. 

Having a good place free from distractions is a good way to do your online work. Junior Michael Yanes  said, “Creating a space in my home with no distraction so I could focus on my work and create a to-do list (helps).”

Also setting goals and having a good schedule is a great way to keep going. Kamyla Rizo, said, “I set small and attainable goals for each class to avoid getting discouraged and overwhelmed.”

Jaime has also found success in chunking responsibilities.  “Dividing time for each class so I know when to turn things in (is important),” said Jaime. 

Teachers have also been having trouble with trying to get their students motivated. It could vary from every student. The most important thing for some teachers is to try to have different activities so class does not get boring or repetitive. Social studies teacher Ms. Lea Sanford said, “I think a lot of it depends on a student’s individual drive to get the work done. But some things I have tried are mixing up the kind of assignments we do-discussions, projects, readings just trying to not make it the same thing every day. And another thing that I think helps students is just popping into individual breakout rooms on Zoom to see how students are doing.”

Motivation has been really hard for some students and even teachers. But the most important thing is that students are still trying to succeed in their environments.