Winter sports season should have started on time; latest pushback is wrong

Jaziel Soto, Editorialist

Every student athlete is being very optimistic about this upcoming winter season, called Season B by CHSAA.  But this year has been a struggle with sports and last week, the winter season was pushed back again. CHSAA has stated that they will push back the season even further due to the fact that the virus is spreading rapidly. This is just chaotic. 

CHSAA explains how this will also affect the season that follows.  The season will not begin as scheduled on January 4th. The season will start on January 25th with the first practice, and the first game on  Feb 1st. . This will lead to a shortened season for all teams. This is bad news – especially for the seniors. And even though CHSAA hasn’t suggest it, there’s always a chance that the season will just be cancelled.

We should take consideration of the rules/Covid protocols going on around the nation, not just in Colorado. In other state,’ seasons are still a go. As a matter of fact they’re playing basketball right now. We should be playing right now too. In fact, our season should’ve started a long time ago when it was supposed to start. The football season just ended last week. If the football season was still a go why couldn’t basketball be?

The basketball season has never been cancelled before. The boys basketball season has gone back to 1924. The girls go back to 1974. The tradition must go on. No senior ever wants their last season to be cancelled. The boys and girls here at West are still fighting to get better. Even with the virus around they’re all practicing in their own ways.

We can play safely by following the protocols in places. CHSAA has already announced that we will have to wear masks at all times. If that’s the case then we should play. Our coaches can also push us on these protocols. Maybe after a drill or scrimmage, we can sanitize the ball to keep us safe from the virus. After every practice, we should wash our hands or use hand sanitizer. It’s frustrating not to have a basketball season.

If the football season was still a go why shouldn’t basketball be? The state championship just ended at the same time we should have been starting our season. Football has far more people in attendance than basketball does, and more players too.   The most there would be is  30 people in the gym – less than one football team. 

We should have a season that started playing yesterday.  It can’t just keep getting pushed back.