AirPods still great year later

Jonah Rangel, Critic


With Apple’s leading role in the tech world, AirPods winning wireless design with all their features are still a great-wireless choice months after purchase.

AirPods second generation (priced at $159 on their website with regular charging case) first hit the market in March 2019. A lot has changed throughout the course of this technology releasing, however AirPods are still a great option. 

I was lucky enough to purchase mine late July of last year and have had them ever since. I thought the AirPods were great and wasn’t willing to pay more to upgrade to the Pros, maybe one day. I do have the basic AirPods with the regular charging case vs the wireless charging case, which will cost you about $40 more. I find the fit to be good for me and they don’t fall out unless you accidentally tug on them but for the most part they stay secure. Apple has multiple options that you can choose from to suit your needs.

 Before AirPods, I used regular Apple ear buds with wires and I have tried Beats wireless headset, but nothing was like the experience using AirPods. The absence of wires with its compact and minimalistic design truly won me over. I find myself using them everywhere: in the gym, at school, or just when doing daily activities due to their convenience. They have plenty of features that you can look into on their website, that can come in handy during use. 

My AirPods still remain intact and work after all they’ve endured. Through day-to-day use I’ve experienced dropping them multiple times in the case and out the case on many surfaces including concrete. Other than scratches and marks that left grooves on the exterior, they work just fine. I do suggest purchasing a case for them as dropping them seems inevitable and for the added protection, just as our phones need one. 

I didn’t think I’d come across this problem as I always tried to be careful however it happened anyway. Unexpectedly I dropped my AirPods in water to the point they were fully submerged and rushed to get them out, I dried them off as much as I could and tested them a little after and to my surprise they worked! AirPods are not even graded sweat proof which is pretty crazy considering mine function just fine months after dropping them and there are other people with similar stories. Moreover, every now and then, I wipe mine down with a wet wipe to clean them. However, I don’t recommend getting them wet. As they travel with you they do get dirty and collect particles which are pretty hard to clean however it doesn’t affect how they function.

So if you’re in the market for some wireless earbuds, AirPods are a great choice and can hold up against your daily needs as i found myself satisfied with my purchase over a year later.