Too many variables at play for spring sports athletes to push back season’s start – again

Jacey Piacenza, Editorialist

As most of you already know, the Colorado High School Activities Association has decided to move back all sports again. As a soon to be college athlete, I’m not too thrilled about this to say the least. At this point I don’t even think that I will get seasons for very much. Plus, there are so many questions that come with this. 

College sports is something I have been looking forward to since I was a little girl. I am not saying that the season being pushed back is going to ruin this for me, because the fact is I will still have to report to my future school when they tell me to. But with the season not ending now until June, this ruins the chance I have to have fun with it. During the summer I usually go to a bunch of fun soccer tournaments with my friend. But with the seasons being pushed back I will have to miss these opportunities because I will still be in high school soccer. I will have practice every week day I assume. That is how practice is when we are still in school so I don’t think that will change. I also do not get that much time after the season ends to have a summer break. I will end up reporting to my college within a month of my season ending. 

The next thing to talk about is grades. Now I have gotten informed that if you end the year passing, then you will be fine to play the rest of the season. Same goes for seniors if you are on track to graduate and walk across that stage, if we even get that, you are allowed to play the whole season without having to worry about it. This is good news for the people who struggle with getting good grades and doing sports at the same time. But this is also bad news for the people who are failing and are not on track for their next year of high school. They will not get to play at all and will miss the season. 

Another thing on the list is participation. I do not know about other sports, but I know about soccer. We have always had a hard time getting girls to come out and try out. A lot of girls in the past have only been able to do it because they were already at the school and it was easy for their parents to just bring them to school and pick them up after practice. But now with Covid and with moving the season back, girls will not be able to make it to the field due to their parents working and them not being at school already. 

We just need to have sports at a normal time. We now have ways to prevent the spread of it. We did it for football and should be able to for all the other sports too. There is no reason that our season should be pushed back because it messes a lot of things up.