Most of what we learn isn’t relevant

Jasiah Lujan, Editorialist

Classes that are required for passing high school are not necessarily needed because it puts more stress on the students and most of the time that pressures them into not wanting to pursue going to college. Instead, grades K-5 are the most important grades of a child’s life, because in those years you learn more than you’ll ever learn again. 

Middle school is useless only because students aren’t interested in learning; they are finding out who they are becoming.  Once you enter high school, 9th and 10th grade should be when teachers really encourage students to find out what they are passionate about and then determine on how you’ll divvy out the classes. 

Yes, writing appropriately is important in some aspects, but why make a student who has no interest in writing nor going into a job with writing have to master doing it just for a passing grade. Most students are only remembering the materials until the test day or quiz then once that happens they’re not maintaining it, because it isn’t relevant. 

The varieties of math such as Algebra and every math after that shouldn’t be taught to students because it’s not used in daily life, unless you are going into a workforce that requires you to have those skills. 

All in all, life is too short to be stressing over school. It shouldn’t be this difficult to have to push yourself to get out of the years of high school just to go into college or not, which most likely a lot of kids won’t go into college or will drop out.