English class project shares kindness through rock painting

Abby Rivera-Flores, Staff Writer

The Kindness Rocks project is a nationwide movement to help spread positivity. A woman named Megan Murphy created this movement. 

Murphy created this project when she was walking along the beach and saw people emotionless or sad. Then she picked up a rock and started writing uplifting quotes or a happy message and placed them anywhere. 

Students at West are doing this project as well. Ms. Kim Fisher does this project with her students during communication studies, and some students receive a kindness rock kit in case they need one. Then they each have three different ways to do this project.  The first is to write an uplifting quote and distribute them all around Greeley or Evans. The students can either hide them so people can find them eventually or they can place them in a popular area for others to see and be reminded to have a wonderful day. Another way was to make a rock for someone else and give it to them as a gift. Lastly students can make a rock for themselves with a positive self talk message and to place it where they’ll see it as a reminder. 

A student at West was part of this project, Emily Yamada said, “This movement is a great way to spread positivity into the world. I highly recommend anyone to just grab a rock, paint it, and write a positive message on it. Giving someone a little positivity can make a huge difference to them.”

Yamda said she wrote, “Don’t let your past hold you back from new beginnings.”