How necessary is college education?

Abby Rivera-Flores, Editorialist

You may ask yourself, why is college so important? Do I really need to go to college?

These questions can be hard to answer but here’s the simple answer:  College is important for many reasons such as long-term financial gain, job stability, career satisfaction and lastly success outside of your workplace.

But how does this all benefit in our world today? Well workers with a college degree are less likely to face unemployment, and they have more potential to make more money in our world as of today. Earning your college degree could also lead to more career stability. It’s also likely to experience job satisfaction. Research shows that workers with a bachelor’s degree or more advanced education were also more likely to say their job is their career, as for the workers with no college education tend to dislike the place they work at. Another benefit on why you should go to college is because a college degree can boost your financial savvy. What does it mean to be financially savvy? 

In context a financially savvy person is well versed in dealing with expenditures, credit and other money matters. However, this term can mean different things to different people, but overall it focuses on one concept which is maintaining a healthy financial standing through proper planning and budgeting.

Last but not least, college degree holders are more likely to be homeowners. Research shows that 75% of all home buyers were college-educated students, compared to 11% who only had a high school diploma and 14% who attended some college but did not earn a degree.