Entertainment that is educational

Caleb Sandoval, Critic

If you’re interested in drama and medicine, The Good Doctor is the show for you. The Good Doctor is a show about a man named Shaun Murphy who has savant syndrome (autism). Because of this, he is extraordinarily gifted in surgery.

The show not only shows the gifted surgeon’s journey throughout his medical career, but his journey in overcoming the obstacles his condition poses for him. Along with being gifted in surgery, he also has trouble communicating with people. This inhibits him from being able to pick up on social cues and body language. Throughout the course of the show, we see the protagonist learn how to adapt to be able to be a successful surgeon. This is especially important for him because he is not the only surgical resident (surgeon in training) at the hospital. He is constantly competing against and working with three other surgical residents.

The show is very intriguing with all kinds of different surgeries performed by the doctors. The procedures range from removing small tumors in the body, to replacing arms with bionic arms. Not only is it entertaining and great to watch, but you learn quite a bit about what the environment is like for doctors at a hospital. It is the perfect show to watch during quarantine.