Avoid travel this holiday season

Callie Pautler, Editorialist

During the holidays is when the most amount of traveling happens, but during a pandemic people may need to rethink their plans. Individuals now need to lower the amount that they travel because it’s a huge cause as to why there are so many cases in the U.S. alone. Cities and states have set up guidelines that they wish for families to follow.

The problem is that people are going to do what they want to anyway especially this far into a pandemic people start to get restless. The holidays are time spent with family and friends which is why most love it so much, but in order to keep your family and friends safe and healthy is to not travel as much.

On the other hand there are some individuals out there who may not have seen their family all year which is why they definitely want to spend time with them now. It’s a risk most are willing to take just to see their loved ones, which is understandable but extremely dangerous not just for them and their families but to everyone else around the world.

What everyone could do since they can’t travel is to do just what everyone else has been doing this whole year all along:  Facetime.  It seems to be the solution to many problems this year. It’s definitely not the same as seeing them in real life, but better than nothing at all.