Failure is part of learning experience

Jonah Rangel, Editorialist

As many students are expected to succeed in school, it can be stressful always trying to hold up against expectations. There’s a lot of pressure on students’ grades with colleges looking at GPA. For some students the most important part of high school is to reach the ‘A’ grade. It’s easy to lose sight of things while pursuing perfect grades. It’s also easy for students to base their value upon these letter grades although grades don’t take into account many things. With so much riding on grades it seems like failing can be detrimental, but this might not be the case. Some may claim that the following reasons are why failing students get rich.

Failing students realize that school isn’t everything. In hindsight people who may have been super reliant on getting good grades realize that grades aren’t everything and the world isn’t going to fall apart if you don’t get an A. They may feel school isn’t for them as they don’t receive perfect grades and start to contemplate other options and they realize that college isn’t exactly necessary to be successful as not everyone who became successful or well off graduated from college or got straight A’s in high school.

Students develop skills other than memorization. Students who fail get accustomed to it and learn to recover from failure. They may venture into other areas in the real world, trying out other things to become successful and learn other skills. School doesn’t teach everything and there are other life skills not taught in school.

Students go against what the crowd says. These students don’t follow what everyone else does. They pave their own way to success. Moreover they start developing out the box thinking.  Students start becoming leaders and not following the same blueprint as everyone else. Graduating college doesn’t guarantee success or even a job. Your attitude towards failure and avidness to master new skills and for self -learning definitely will.

These students can look past what their teachers and others say. These students don’t let others’ opinions steer them or their parents’ thoughts affect or deter them. They pursue their interest  rather than choosing a field offered by the excellence of their grades, or what they are pushed to choose

Failure is part of the road to success. However it’s not a bad idea to have a back up plan to rely on. Self made millionaires and success stories are rare. If they weren’t,everyone would be successful. These are just good things to understand and realize. Failure is a good learning opportunity and no success story comes without failure. It’s better to do what you can now rather than regretting not doing it in the future.