Taking a wait and see approach to vaccine

Eli Torrez, Editorialist

The vaccine is a controversial topic amongst the black population in the US because of the complicated history of minorities being exploited by doctors and researchers. Yet, Black people are disproportionately getting sick and dying of the coronavirus.

Twenty-five percent of low income Americans identify as Black.  People who work hourly jobs or are considered low-income don’t have work benefits like vacation, sick leave or health care. So,it makes sense that some people are hesitant to accept the vaccine because of money or other lack of trust in doctors or the government. 

Personally, I would want to wait and see how it worked with all the rich people who take it and other people who are considered high priority for the vaccine. I think this because President Trump first planned to have the White House staff take the vaccine early. Then he cancelled those plans.

Trump contracted the virus and recovered from it with what he called an antibody drug, the same drug given to Rudy Giuliani. All this hints to me that he would want the upper class people like him and people he knows to take the vaccine first. I think it’s interesting that Trump said the vaccine was five years ahead of schedule and how we managed to do that.

So, because of all the things I see the President doing for his benefit, I want to wait and see what he does next. If Trump hadn’t gotten sick, I still think he would have made himself the priority for the vaccine.

Although Trump and his administration seem to have special treatment, the vaccine does have a release plan for the larger public. It starts with healthcare workers and people in long-term care facilities, essential workers, elderly, and the rest of the adults are last. It would be great if the vaccine worked and we all got better but we don’t know yet. I also think it’s interesting that they aren’t sure what to do about young people or kids in school.  It sounds like the vaccine isn’t for us.  

In conclusion, I want to see how the vaccine is working before taking it but once I see it’s working well I would take the vaccine because I miss the way life was before the virus.