Are you addicted to Instagram?

Abby Rivera-Flores, Editorialist

Do you or a friend have an Instagram addiction? Let’s find out.

How do you know if you’re addicted to Instagram? Well first things first do you tend to get stressed for posting a picture? Or do you get even more stressed for not posting a picture? Some people might think that it’s just about taking a good photo, but we know there’s so much more towards Instagram. Once you’ve spent time taking the picture you still need to edit it or choose the right filter and even add a cute or cool caption to the bottom.

Don’t even get me started with the hashtags as well. One the other hand there’s the pressure of not posting the picture and potentially losing followers. Many Instagram users are either ones building a business or just a personal brand. However, if posting is stressing you out then there’s a good chance that you might be addicted to Instagram.

Another sign that you could be addicted is when someone doesn’t follow you back, commenting or even liking your posts. If you tend to look at someone who follows you, comments or even likes your post, it might be because your Instagram addiction has made you lose perspective. Just because someone doesn’t “like” your pictures doesn’t mean they don’t like you. Other signs could also be, if you constantly check the person you don’t like on their profile page then that could also be a sign that you’re addicted to Instagram. We get it you don’t like that person but it is weird to go and check out their page.

A final sign is that you spend time deleting posts that didn’t get “enough” likes. You go through all the stress of putting together a post only to experience even more stress when it goes live. We understand that the pressure to meet your audience to either personal or business brands tends to have a social media strategy. However, we aren’t too old to remember that Instagram is just for fun. Just remember that every post is not going to be a home run, and if you have a problem with that than you might be addicted to Instagram.