Who is Samara Sanchez?


Jacey Piacenza, Staff Writer

Name: Samara Sanchez

Year of High School: I am a freshman in high school 

Thoughts about the future:  I only have some idea of what I am going to do in the future because I am so young. The plans I have now are to finish high school, go to college and find a job that I enjoy doing. 

Where I work: I currently do not have a job. But this summer I am planning on lifeguarding at Hillside Pool. I am doing this because I love to swim for their swim team and it is one of the only jobs that I can get as I am still only 15. 

Daily Routine: I wake up usually late. Then I get ready for my long school day. A lot of my classes are hard. But once I go home I try to do my homework right away so I can have free time. 

Most essential ritual/habit: I am a very fidgety person. I always have to move or do something while I am in class. One other thing is that I bite my nails. You will never see me with long nails because I always bite them off. It is not a nervous or anxious thing, it is just habit. 

Favorite Hobbies:  I like to sing. I think I am not too bad at it and I just enjoy it a lot. My favorite artist is the writer of Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda

Favorite App on your cell phone:  My favorite app on my cell phone is TikTok. It is a very good way to waste time and after a very long day it is a way to just turn my brain off. It’s an app that you don’t have to put a lot of thinking into and it is just fun. 

 Favorite time waster/procrastination habits:  Other than TikTok I would say that my favorite time waster is watching Netflix. Some of my go to shows are Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy. They are just very interesting shows that get you hooked into them and time flies by when you are watching them. 

 Sleep schedule:  My sleep schedule isn’t the best. I go to bed around midnight. I am supposed to get up around 5 but I don’t usually get up until about 6:30. I think that my sleep schedule is still better than some of my other classmates though. 

 How do you know when you have been successful?  I know that I have been successful when I can feel the weight lifting off my shoulders. I get very stressed about everything being perfect so I know that it is done good and to my best ability and it is a very good stress reliever knowing that it is done.