Students make sacrifices to come back to school full-time

Cesar Villanueva, Staff Writer

As students have returned to in person learning and transitioned from hybrid learning, they hve been forced to make many sacrifices.. Most students have completely forgotten how to go to school for almost a whole week. Greeley West students will have to make sacrifices in their personal schedules to be able to attend school.

One of the biggest sacrifices students will have to make is spending money on gas while commuting to school. AVID junior Michael Yanes said,  “Gas prices are getting higher and I’ll have to spend more money on gas every week.” 

Yanes is not wrong about the gas prices.  With business slowly returning to normal, the gas prices have been the highest they have been in a year. As of right now, gas prices in Colorado have gone up to an average $2.90.

Coming back also poses a greater threat of getting exposed to COVID-19. With more than 1000 students coming back it will be a challenge from keeping the cases of COVID-19 down. Junior Helena Rangel is afraid of getting COVID-19 and giving it to her family. “I’m scared of going to school and giving it to my grandparents without me knowing,” said Rangel. 

Perhaps the biggest change students will have to make involves having to change their work schedules. Cutting back on work hours and making less money might be hard for some students that have become used to working more with their hybrid schedules. Junior Jezebel Contreras will have to change her work shifts to be able to keep up with her school work. “I will be working less hours to be able to focus on school work,” said Contreras. 

The transition from Greeley West switching from hybrid to in-person learning might be a good idea but students will have to make a lot of sacrifices to be able to come back and try to get things back to normal.