State testing is right around corner

Jaziel Soto, Staff Writer

State testing is right around the corner. In fact, students will take the PSAT and SAT tests starting next Tuesday.  Testing week will be one day shorter this year because the state has cancelled the CMAS test for juniors because of Covid-19.

“The state government was asked to waive the test this year and they actually approved,” assistant principal Mr. Aaron Allen said.

Allen believes that this is good news for students because it reduces the amount of testing for juniors. Everything else will pretty much be the same other than testing classes decreasing so students can stay safe as a Covid protocol.  

Allen has been preparing for state testing since November. “All this work is really time-consuming, having to work with students and communicating with parents on what they need help with,” Allen said.

The organization of the tests is also a tedious task.  “When testing comes there is a lot of work with bubbling and organizing tests, but luckily I get help from the front staff, especially Ms. (Arron) Kunkel.”

Of course this won’t be the first time that Greeley West students have been assess this year.  Allen also led the NWEA testing that took place in English and math classes.  Allen said he was surprised with how good most students did on the NWEA testing. Testing experts predicted that student scores would drop, but Allen explained that the students proved them wrong. “I’ve been really impressed with our students and teachers this year.” Allen said.

Even with Covid, Allen believes that the students who did show up to online class and paid attention will have good or even better test results.

For the students who do end up missing a test, there will be make up tests for them on a specific date.  Allen doesn’t want students to feel too much stress about the test.  “In the end, it doesn’t really matter if the test scores go up or down.  We use the scores as a signpost to determine what direction to go and how we can best support students,” Allen said.

Allen knows that this year was a challenge for students. With the results they get with the test, he will then make adjustments so students get the help they need in their future schedules.