Who is Nathan Olson?


Jaziel Soto, Staff Writer

Name: Nathan Olson 

 Year of High School: Senior

 What are you thinking about for your future? For my future I am thinking about becoming a software engineer. I want to go to college for that and see how it goes. If college doesn’t work out, then I’ll just start something on my own.

 Where I work:  As of right now, I work at this pizza place called Papa Murphy’s. This is my first job and I’ve been working there for a long time now. Although I really don’t like it, it’s a lot of work, so that’s why I am trying to find another job.

 Daily Routine: Of course, the first thing I do is take a shower, then brush me teeth. After that, I just get dressed and get ready. Once I am done with all that I try to eat some breakfast, but if I don’t have enough time I just go off to school. I just go to school and once I’m done I head off to work and everything is pretty much the same thing.

 Most essential ritual/habit: I feel like going to the gym really keeps me in check with my body and just keeping my responsibilities straight. If I’m consistent in the gym, I can also be consistent with my daily life. Other than that it just feels good to let it all out.

 Favorite Hobbies: I play the guitar. So in my off time I just play it whenever I get the chance. Sometimes I can go to the gym. If my friends are there, I work out with them and ball out with them. Other then that I just play video games.

 Favorite App on your cell phone?: This is a hard one. I guess I’m gonna have to go with a classic, so Tik Tok. Sometimes I can just be on that for hours and hours and never get bored. I just think it’s a cool app. I always see funny and interesting stuff on there.

 Favorite time waster/procrastination habits: Obviously this would be Tik Tok. I just get lost in it so easily. I would be doing my homework then suddenly I just get on Tik Tok and completely forget about my homework. Other than that, it could be video games because it wastes a lot of time. I lose myself on there a lot because I usually play with the boys and it’s just fun, ya know?

Sleep schedule:  My sleep schedule is pretty bad. Usually on a school day I’ll try to sleep like at 11 or 11:30. On a weekend it’s really crazy because I sleep like at 2 or 3 a.m. Then I just wake up so late in the day like around 12. It always changes around. It just really depends on my job and how much homework I have.

How do you know when you have been successful? That is a good question. I feel like I’ll be happy once I have a stable job and a house that I am paying on my own. After that, I just want to constantly improve myself everyday and never give up. I will probably know that I’ve made it when I am financially stable and mentally free.