It’s time for students to go off-campus for lunch again

Jaziel Soto, Editorialist

Lunch. Lonche. Or however you say it in your language.  A time to gather, to communicate with friends, a time to take a break from the classroom.  But not at Greeley West.  

Every student is anxious to leave off-campus for lunch. Most students have come back to a four-day in person schedule and returned to school like normal.  The only thing that doesn’t add up is how we still stay here at school for lunch. If we are trying to be kept safe, then keeping 20 or more kids in a room isn’t helping. Even if we do wear our masks, students will be students and some will talk without a mask. 

With so many students in a classroom, I guarantee you Covid protocols are being broken. Letting us go off campus for lunch could help reduce the spread at Greeley West. 

Yes people may say that by going off-campus we’ll just be with other people and have the same chance of getting Covid. When students come back from lunch, hall monitors and some teachers should be in the front or back checking our temperature and giving us hand sanitizer just to be on the safe side. 

Now, if you think that letting all students out for lunch will be a problem, then only the juniors and seniors should be let out for lunch. It will still spread out students at Greeley West to more classes.  

If anything, we should’ve been going off campus ever since the four-day schedule came into play. The fact that bringing everyone back to school and still making us stay for lunch just doesn’t make any sense.