Who is Amy Marrufo?


Callie Pautler, Staff Writer

Name: Amy Marrufo

 Year of High School: 10th

 What are you thinking about for your future? I want to get my bachelor’s in horticulture. I want to  have my own store so I can sell plants there.

 Where I work: Nowhere, I do homework at my house on the kitchen table. I would work now at a clothing store.  

 Daily Routine: I wake up, then come to school, then do homework. Sometimes I work out, if I’m not lazy.

Most essential ritual/habit: I sleep in a lot; that’s a bad habit. I like homework I guess that’s a good habit. I do my homework on time.

 Favorite Hobbies: I listen to music a lot, that’s about it. I’ll just sit there and listen and go through social media or something.

 What is your favorite App on your cell phone? Soundcloud. That’s where I listen to music.

Favorite time waster/procrastination habits: Sleep. Sometimes I don’t want to come to school, but I have to push myself I guess.

Sleep schedule:  I usually go to sleep around 11 and wake up at like 8 on a good day or 9 or 10. Honestly, I feel like I slept more because we’re always at home or I’m always at home. 

How do you know when you have been successful? When I feel accomplished with what I finished. After a test I feel proud of myself.