District 6 announces in-person graduation date

Edgar Urquidi, Staff Writer

Greeley West is continuing to conquer the challenges Covid has thrown at it.  First, they announced there would be a 2021 Prom.  Then, late last week, principal Mr. Jeff Cranson announced that West will be having an in-person graduation at District 6 Stadium on May 22. 

The biggest restriction will be having limited capacity and  being seated socially distanced.  Students are allowed to bring four guests as of right now. That number can either get larger or smaller as the date gets closer. For the people not being able to attend they will be able to see it on video stream through the District 6 website. Senior Evan Lira said, “It just sucks that all the seniors have to be a victim to circumstances and have no control over it. But I do think limited capacity is a good move in the long run to help prevent more people from getting ill.”

Everyone will be required to use a mask and just like last year, Greeley West will provide all graduating Spartans with a mask. Families are not going to be allowed on the field after the ceremony and won’t be allowed to socialize in the parking lot. 

The ceremony will take place at District 6 Stadium.  This is the second straight year West has been forced to break with the traditional ceremony taking place at Northern Colorado.

With prom and graduation coming back this year, seniors are definitely excited and thankful. Senior Nolan Hydock stated, “I am just excited to be able to have a somewhat normal graduation. For how the year has gone, I feel that having a graduation makes my senior year much better.”