Ticket-buying shouldn’t be so stressful or costly



Being greeted with this graphic for Bad Bunny tickets meant I waited most of my afternoon to get some.

Edgar Urquidi, Editorialist

We’re all very excited that everything is opening back up. Water World, Elitch’s, and many more places have announced that they will be opening back up in the summer. But one thing that I am most excited about is finally being able to go to concerts.

One of my favorite artists is Bad Bunny, if you haven’t heard about him or his upcoming tour, then you must be living under a rock. Just last Sunday after his Wrestlemania debut, Bad Bunny announced that he was going on tour next Febraury. As soon as I saw that he announced it, I jumped out of my seat of excitement and asked my mom right away if I could go. 

Bad Bunny said that tickets were going on sale last Friday, but the day after he announced it, predictions for ticket prices were already out. When me and my mom first saw the prices we got scared and just looked at each other saying, “Is this dude crazy?” Prices ranged from $500 to $10,000. After seeing those prices, I lost hope and didn’t think I was going to end up going. 

I was encouraged after a little research and realized those were just scalpers saying they would get tickets and that officially, tickets hadn’t gone on sale yet.  I found out there was actually a presale last Thursday and I made sure I was ready for that. On Thursday, I got in line to buy tickets at noon and around 12:50 the website crashed. For the next two hours the website was down and out of nowhere it let me get in and buy my tickets. 

There wasn’t much available at this point, but the first two tickets I saw I was at a point where I didn’t care where I was sitting. I was able to get two seats and didn’t have to pay resale prices. There are not very good seats, but I’m just happy that I’m in the house because just yesterday he announced that his tour sold out. 

The thing I’m mad about is of course the prices on the tickets. The prices on the tickets for resale are just ridiculous and shouldn’t be this high. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. 

I remember three years ago when I first saw him, what I paid for my seats this tour, I paid for front row last time. Of course prices were going to go up but $10,000 for front row is a little too much. 

Bad Bunny could fix this problem himself by adding more shows to the tour and by playing in bigger venues. Also, I like the idea of a presale, but for Ticketmaster to publicize the code for the presale on their Twitter makes no sense. At that point it’s not even a presale anymore since the whole world knows about it. 

I’m very happy that I was able to get tickets and not have to pay resale prices,  but I just hope Bad Bunny learns from this and doesn’t let it happen again.