Apple Music is a far superior streaming service

Cesar Villanueva , Critic

There has been a debate that has been going on for a couple of years now of which is the best music streaming platform. Apple Music and Spotify have been the most superior of all of the music streaming platforms. But the debate should stop because Apple Music is far superior. 

Apple Music and Spotify share the same price for high quality streaming. The basic plan for both is $9.99. While costing the same amount of money, Apple Music pays their Artist more per stream. Spotify pays their artist $.003 for every stream while Apple Music pays their artist $.0059 per stream. That may not matter to someone who is just trying to listen to music, but paying the artist what they deserve makes the artist continue to want to make music.

People might argue that Apple Music is not the best because it is only available for Apple products. The exclusivity means that it will always be working the best it could possibly be. Most people would pay a lot of  money to have a high quality and exclusive product.

Apple Music also creates personalized radios for you. They take music or artists that you like and show you more music that you would like. They also create different types of playlists depending on your mood. For example there is a “Chill” “New Music” “Friends” “Favorites” and a “Get Up” playlist created special for you.  While listening to your music there is also a feature that lets you look at the lyrics of the song. It is very easy to add music to your library and create playlists. There is also a friends feature where you can share playlists with your friends and listen to the music they are listening to.

With the impressive quality streams. radios, playlist, and other features Apple Music should be crowned with the best streaming platform we have had to date,