Students still struggling with COVID school adjustments

Elizabeth Maldonado, Editorialist

With no doubt, Covid-19 has done harm to students’ mental health. Being in lockdown for more than a month, being completely isolated from friends, family, and people in general has most definitely taken a toll on some students more than it has on others.

Not only did being confined affect them personally, but many students lost family members and friends during this point in time. Thousands of lives were lost but when those numbers are viewed as family members, spouses, acquaintances, etc., what comes to mind is the pain thousands of more people felt from the loss of many. 

Adjusting to different learning environments must also be very draining and difficult to students, especially to children going into their first year of preschool or even middle schoolers moving on to high school. Most students lose motivation during hard times like these. It’s important to understand when some students are at a slower pace than others and are still trying to adjust to going to in person classes. 

 I feel like teachers should consider having some time off the computers while in school and try to do more group projects to reconnect with students. I also think teachers should try to check up on students and take into accounting that a lot of students are still struggling to get back on track and aren’t fully adjusted to following set rules and the amount of work they receive.