Freshmen need to participate for sports teams

Eli Torrez, Editorialist

Spring sports started Monday, which means it is time for baseball season to start.  Because Covid changes the way we do things now, spring sports were pushed back into the year and will require athletes to compete two weeks into summer. 

Maybe that’s the reason turnout for tryouts was so low for baseball.  But over the years since I was a freshman, the number of new kids who show up for tryouts has gone down. Covid has caused many students to choose to stay home in remote learning, but they are missing out on the best parts of high school. Lots of things have changed the past couple years at Greeley West and students need to take advantage of the opportunities given to be a part of our school. 

Last year, our season was taken away from us and this year I want to make up for that. This year I want to do something different at West and win way more games. Playing sports at our school needs to still be important to the incoming freshman and other kids too. 

After our team changes the way people look at Greeley West baseball, hopefully students will want to play baseball for West and kids will even come to our school for sports specifically. But, this mindset can’t just stop with us, it needs to be passed down to new players on our team in order to keep the program alive.