Colorado colleges make right call on requiring proof of vaccination to attend


Letia Juarez, Editorialist

When deciding to go to college, what are the major factors in deciding if that college is the perfect fit for you? Is it the majors offered? The ratio of students to teachers? Or what about the sports they offer? For most, analyzing these factors takes time before finally deciding to go there.  But what happens when you decide to commit to your university and requirements change for students attending there? Yep, I’m talking about the COVID vaccinations.

Yesterday, it was announced that CU schools (CU-Boulder, CU-Denver), CSU schools (CSU-Fort Collins and CSU-Pueblo, the University of Northern Colorado and Metro State in Denver all joined the University of Denver, Colorado College and Fort Lewis in requiring students on campus to be fully vaccinated in order to attend. This requirement will also be made for students to continue attending their university.

The decision has caused a huge uproar in both the students and the general public. “Whatever happened to the freedom of choice?” “This is such crap!” “Definitely wouldn’t send my kids here!” were some of the angry comments under the universities’ announcement post.  The COVID vaccine requirement is definitely changing people’s minds on whether or not to attend these universities.

Despite all the anger this decision has caused, many people are also grateful for the decision the University has made. Making the decision to have your students get fully vaccinated from the COVID vaccine is a very smart decision and shows how much the universities value the wellbeing of their students and staff. Of course if you cannot get the vaccine because of medical reasons, there are ways to be exempt.  If those who are healthy choose simply to not get it because you don’t want to, how much do you care for those around you?

Although the road to normalcy is long, making students be vaccinated will speed up this process so we can enjoy the things that college has to offer such as sporting events with no crowd limit, school events where you can mingle with multiple people, or going out to restaurants in groups of more than eight safely.

I hope the college I’m going to attend next year makes this choice as well.