Student-athlete says coaches, teachers need better communication about time expectations

Edgar Urquidi, Editorialist

Being an athlete and attending school at the same time can be very hard at times, especially if you have a job other than school.  You also have to consider we all have a life and life problems. Every school preaches to students about being a part of an extracurricular activity and I agree with them. Every high school student should be a part of an extracurricular activity at least once. But I also think that coaches and teachers should have better communication about the time demands both are putting on us. 

Not all coaches are part of the teaching staff at Greeley West and may not know what’s going on in the school building. They think that after school, students are able to practice for hours and hours. It’s the same case with teachers. Some teachers may not consider that their students are part of an extracurricular activity and sometimes overload with homework. 

I am a part of the baseball team at Greeley West and it can be very overwhelming at times. We practice for about three hours each day after school. I don’t end up getting home until 7:30ish after being at school for 8 hours. When I get home, I usually eat and start doing homework for the rest of the night. 

I’m not mad that we practice for around three hours each day; I actually think it’s very beneficial for us as a team.  But with finals and all the AP tests coming up, I think both teachers and coaches should consider our time spent and communicate with each other. These weeks coming up can be the hardest weeks for high school students and I think coaches and teachers can do a better job on balancing things out. 

I also believe that better communication will lead to more students trying out new things. A lot of students are already involved in activities but maybe with this consideration, our numbers would go up. ,