I’ll take, ‘What is Knowledge Bowl for 200, Alex’

Jaziel Soto, Staff Writer

Trivia loving students finally have a place to go at Greeley West High School.

Next year, West will debut it’s new Knowledge Bowl team. The team’s first meeting was held last Thursday afternoon after school.  The teachers that will be coaching the Knowledge Bowl team will be math teachers Mr. Ryan Allen and Mr. Curt Miller. 

Knowledge Bowl is a CHSAA-sponsored activity that is held through out the year. The Knowledge Bowl first started in 1978 by the San Juan Board services in Durango, Colorado. The event is basically a quiz bowl of sorts.  Or in other words, it’s just like Jeopardy. Allen explained that students with very talented minds are put into groups of four to work together and to solve the questions being asked. “Our goal is to have at least two to three teams and maybe even four if possible,” Allen said.

The coaches plan to practice two to three times a week during lunch or after school.  There are two phases to the Knowledge Bowl. a written phase and a trivia quiz complete with buzzers.

Miller and Allen both had their reasons why they wanted to be coach for this event. “I love trivia and I wanted to pass some of this down to some students here at West. I also just wanted to show students the fun side of academics,” Allen said.

Miller used to coach a team in eastern Colorado before coming to West. “Allen and I have made plans even before Covid. Coaching is such a rewarding experience as a coach and for the student involved,” Miller said.

If students do good enough, they have a chance to qualify for State and win the championship. They’ll get to go up against 4A and 5A schools all Northern Colorado. If they excel in Colorado, they could even compete at the national level. 

West received a grant that allows them to purchase necessary equipment and pay for the fees to enter tournaments.  “We just felt like it was the right time,” Allen said.