Fence removal is next step to new parking lot


Edgar Urquidi

The parking lot has had fencing removed in the past week. leaving just poles where a boundary used to be. It’s the latest landscape feature to disappear as construction continues.

Edgar Urquidi, Staff Writer

Probably the most frustrating part of construction for students has been all the parking space that were taken away. It can be very hard for students to find a parking spot in the morning, especially if you don’t have a first hour. 

Good thing the new school will have a large amount of parking spots for the students.  You can see exactly where it will be since they have started the process of making the new parking lot. 

Last month, the construction crew started to cut down all the trees on the east side of the campus. They were there for several years and when they cut them down it was a dramatic change to Greeley West. 

Another dramatic change happened  this week when crews took down all the fencing on the south side of the school. Principal Mr. Jeff Cranson said, “For the grading to take place, they took down the trees last month and are beginning to take down fencing to get this pre-work done so they can bring in the bulldozers.” 

The weird part is that they only took the fencing down and not the poles. Sooner or later those will be gone too. They have been doing all this pre-work for the past months but when are they really going to start on the new parking lot? “As soon as school is out, the south side of the building will be graded and paved for the final parking lot,” stated Cranson.