Who is Tahjae Tapia?

Who is  Tahjae Tapia?

Edgar Urquidi, Staff Writer

Name: Tahjae Tapia 

 Year of High School: Sophomore

What are you thinking about for your future? My plan is to become a welder. Next year I want to take the class agriculture because they do things that involve welding. If I happen to like the class and welding, I will take advance welding senior year and eventually go to college for it. I haven’t really looked into colleges with good welding programs but I’ve heard that California has some good welding schools. 

 Where I work:  This weekend I actually have a job interview down at Doug’s Diner which I’m very excited about. For school work I usually work on it at my house but when there are distractions around the house, I go to the library. 

 Daily Routine: The first thing I do when I wake up is check the time, get ready for school and wake up my little sisters. After I wake up my two little sisters, I go to school. After school me and my family usually have family dinners. 

 Most essential ritual/habit: Something I do everyday is try to get all my assignments done on time. After this I usually take a bike ride down to the park and play some basketball or soccer. 

 Favorite Hobbies: My favorite hobby to do is go to Heath and play soccer with my friends. I also love to play video games like Minecraft and Call of Duty. Even though I love to play soccer, I am currently not on the soccer team. 

 What is your favorite App on your cell phone?  My favorite app on my cell phone would probably have to be either Hulu or Netflix. I just finished watching The Punisher, and also just got finished watching on Hulu was 6 Underground. I love binge watching all these shows

Favorite time waster:  My phone. I get distracted easily with all these apps on my phone. I tell myself that I’m going to take a quick little break but that break turns into a hour or more. I’ve been trying to limit myself to only half an hour on my phone and I feel like its been working. 

Sleep schedule:  I try to go to bed every night before 11 because I wake up every morning at 6. I wake up at 6 because I have to wake up my sister. The night before around 10:30 I make sure I have everything ready for school the next day, make sure I got everything done for the day, make sure my sisters get in bed, and then set an alarm at 5:50. I usually only need one alarm because I’ve got good at waking up early now. 

How do you know when you have been successful? When I accomplish my goals I put among m self is when I know I have been successful. First quarter I told myself that I wanted to get straight As, which I did. Second Quarter,I didn’t want to procrastinate as much as I did first quarter. I kept telling myself not to procrastinate and do my work which helped me a lot and was able to get straight As again. In the future, I want to have a good career before I start my family. I want to have it set instead of trying do both at the same time.