Choose to find happiness over disappointment


Callie Pautler, Staff Writer

Many people who’ve gone through high school will tell you that the memories you make in high school are some of the most unforgettable. Unforgettable?  I would say it definitely was since not many people get the chance to go through a pandemic while still in school. Being told that you should make the most out of high school no matter what was very difficult to live up to. I can already feel the regret of all the things I haven’t done. 

I’m very happy with the things I did get the chance to do though, and I honestly feel great this end of the year. I’m not trying to be disappointing and I won’t be because this whole year was very disappointing, I rather want to remember how amazing it was despite the craziness. 

Taking time to reflect, I was able to find some of my closest friends, do things I found that I really enjoyed, and actually have a worthwhile time. Being a teenager is really weird and I might have had an amazing time in high school, but I’m going to try to have an even better future. 

After only ever knowing school for the first years of our lives, finally finishing after 12 years is going to be difficult. I don’t know what I’m going to expect in my adult years, but no matter, what I’m going to try and make the most out of my life and enjoy it so much that when I do look back on my high school years, I will see that I’ve had so much more to live up to. 

I’m aware that my life is going to change drastically and I’m not very good with change. But I hope that doesn’t stop me from growing and turning into an amazing person and starting a new chapter of my life.