Saturday’s graduation will seem like normal end to crazy year

Jaziel Soto, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year again where seniors are getting their last goodbyes in and their time to shine at graduation. The graduation ceremony will be held on Saturday at 8 a.m. at District 6 Stadium. 

According to Principal Mr. Jeff Cranson, the graduation ceremony will be mostly similar to last year’s ceremony. Everyone will try to be socially distanced and of course everyone is going to have to wear their masks. “ It should be close to normal. The only thing that isn’t normal is just wearing the masks and the limitations of the number of guests,” Cranson said.

Every graduate will be able to have four guests at the ceremony.

Cranson explained that they’ve been preparing for a really long time. But they started to ramp up the preparations about two months ago. “We were excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel. A couple of months ago, the limit was 150 guests in total per event,” Cranson said. “Up until then, we did get some exceptions and that’s when we went all in for preparations.”

Cranson was never worried about not having a graduation in May. The only thing he was worried about was just the number of guests there could be. “All in all, it went very well last year and we’re hoping for the same thing this year,” Cranson said. 

As of now, only time is  keeping the seniors from throwing their caps in the air and starting the next chapter of their lives.