‘Zach of all Trades’ finishes up theater motion picture ahead of June debut

Eli Torrez, Staff Writer

Like so many things that have changed, the theater program was nearly shut down this year because of social distancing rules. Thanks to technology, all is not lost for this year. 

In June, West will be premiering a musical mystery called A Killer Party and because of Zach Headley, the musical will be recorded for on demand viewing. Even with all the obstacles students have faced this year, they still find a way to make it feel somewhat like normal. 

Headley has been working on the theater’s tech team since his freshman year, but it is only recently that he’s gotten into film and editing together. “When the opportunity presented itself to sort of blend the two [filming and editing], I just went with it,” said Headley

One of the most challenging parts of recording and editing for Headley is the time investment.  He has to comb through 7 to 10 hours or more of footage to add effects for a 1.5 hour final product.  Headley thinks he’s probably spent up to 20 hours working on the film and editing project.  Something that seems simple like filming a conversation between two actors required at least two separate takes. “We had to film each person involved in the conversation, then stitch them together. It was even worse for scenes with all the characters, where we filmed every single person separately, “ said Headley

One of the most satisfying aspects of filming and editing is seeing the final copy. “It’s really satisfying,” said Headly.

Headley’s been involved with the technical aspects of theater for a long time, he’s done everything from sound sets to stage management. He’s also acted a bit, but he’ll deny it if you ask him. He likes to think of himself as  “Zach of all trades” in theater.  He can now add film and editing to his list of skills.  

Filming and editing the upcoming production isn’t his only project. Headley also made the senior video and as a hobby, he sometimes makes YouTube videos.   

If you want to check out Headley’s work, be sure to check out A Killer Party,  premiering June 17th.