The secret to success at West is your involvement

The secret to success at West is your involvement

Caleb Sandoval, Staff Writer

I have learned many things throughout my years in high school. I have learned how to manage my time better, be a better student, and most importantly I learned that the more I got involved in the more fun I had. When I got into high school, I wasn’t really sure who I was and what I wanted to do. I wasn’t really involved in a lot and I didn’t do much outside of school. As I progressed throughout my high school career, I slowly got involved in more clubs and activities. I know that everyone always says to get involved and to join clubs, but it actually makes your high school experience that much more enjoyable.

Obviously, you want to participate in activities that you enjoy because you get to choose which ones you want to be involved in. You have the choice to be a part of something you love or make yourself miserable. It’s all up to you! That’s the beauty of it. Through these clubs and activities you get to meet new people and have great relationships with them. I made the decision to participate in more sports and clubs this year and because of it I have so many great memories with the people I met in these sports.

Due to being involved in more clubs and activities than I did in previous years, my schedule got filled up and sometimes it got a little stressful. Had I joined more things I would have been in over my head. There were, however, some pros to this situation. Having a packed schedule forced me to manage my time better. The little free time I had, I used to catch up on school work and make sure my grades were not dropping. I think this was very beneficial because my GPA is the highest it has ever been. 

Being involved in a lot may look really good on resumes and/or college applications, but that wasn’t the reason I did it all. I did it for me. I wanted to be able to make the most out of this crazy and weird last year of high school. Through all of it I have learned that you are in control of your high school experience. You are the one who determines whether or not you have a good experience in high school.