Dance class concludes year with small performance

Eli Torrez, Staff Writer

Today, Ms. Peggy Freemole’s second period Dance class performed a short half hour program featuring a variety of dance styles including hip hop, waltz, and the 1920’s Charleston for some of the student body at Greeley West. 

Many of the students are new to dance and, because of their experience in class,  discovered an activity that they may continue going forward.  

Sophomore Eduardo Cortes never really liked dancing and so taking this class was one of the few times he’s ever danced. He said his favorite was the Hustle because it was the easiest and most fun to perform. ” I really don’t like dancing, so this was one of the couple of times I’ve danced,” Cortes said. 

Freshman Jasmine Mendez agreed that the Hustle was very fun. She also liked learning hip hop. Mendez said the hardest part was, “not being stiff and going with the flow.”

It wasn’t just modern dances that were popular; some students liked learning the waltz and some of the classic musical theater dances. “I enjoyed learning the dance for Grease,” said freshman Zoe Salzman.

Because Freemole’s class was so enjoyable, Salzman said she has been thinking about continuing dance. 

The class wasn’t all easy. There were plenty of challenging aspects to learning all the dances.  “Timing of the dances was probably the most challenging part of learning a new dance,” Cortes said. 

For Salzman, the class pushed her out of her comfort zone and helped her overcome some of her shyness.  

Freemole’s class created unique personal challenges and opportunities for fun. It’s not just about the steps, there is timing, counting, and other things to figure out with each dance.