Counselors encourage eighth graders to get JumpStart on freshman year

Edgar Urquidi, Staff Writer

It can be very hard for freshmen to come in the first day of high school and not know anything about the school. Over the past years Greeley West has helped the freshman with that and have had the Link group organize an orientation for freshmen to come in before the school year begins. 

Last year unfortunately, Greeley West couldn’t have events due to Covid, but with things coming back to normal, they are planning to welcome incoming freshmen back with something new this summer. 

They are looking to change it this year and have it be available to more students. “In the past we have had a transition program for incoming freshmen to get them connected to the building,” said counselor Ms. Deli Sambur. “This year we have decided to open the program up to not just students we want to connect with but provide different opportunities for students that are interested in different things.” 

This JumpStart program has a lot of different groups for all types of interest of students. Some of the programs that will be provided are, “Robotics, AP/IB track, Music, Construction, Science and a General high school 101 on how to be successful as you begin your high school career,” said Sambur.

Students are allowed to choose within all these programs and teachers will design what they want to do for their programs. But is this like summer school? “It is supposed to be fun. It’s not summer school at all. It’s to excite you in whatever way you’re looking at,” Sambur said.

Of course this can’t all be run by teachers, so West is working on having upperclassmen help out to make it more fun.  The Link Leaders will be there for this purpose.

With it being the first year West does this program, things might change as it develops.  There are currently around 80 students registered and this program takes place July 27 – July 30 from 8 a.m. to noon. If you are an incoming freshman or know of one that wants to get a JumpStart on something they love, the counseling office is still continuing to take registrations.