West students look ahead to busy summer

Cesar Villanueva, Staff Writer

As the weather gets warmer and school is almost out, students have already made plans for how they are going to spend their summer. Many students are traveling, working or just staying home.

Many students are traveling out of Colorado. Sophomore Gustavo Jaime will be traveling to California and Mexico this summer. Jaime will be visiting California to see family and to go to Disneyland. Jaime is also going to Mexico. “I am planning to go visit family and to go to Disneyland, I am also planning to go to Mexico because It’s where I like to spend most of my summers because of the weather.”

Many students are celebrating their birthdays this summer. Sophomore Kyara Avendano is going to be busy preparing for her quinceanera. Avendano has been planning her quinceanera for two years. It will be on July 17. Avendano will be holding practice for her court at least three times a week when summer starts to be totally prepared. “I am going to be busy preparing my court for the dance and I’m still trying to decide what they are going to wear during the Vals and the surprise dance,” said Avendano.

Many students are also going to be working all summer. Junior Jolie Rios plans on working this summer. Rios has worked at Wing Shack for five months. Rios still wants to enjoy her summer and try to limit how many hours she works. “I only plan working weekday mornings,” said Rios.

As the final day approaches students are very eager to start their summer and enjoy the warm weather.