Cranson hopes lunch detentions slow tardy rate

Malakai Chatham, Staff Writer

There has been an influx of tardiness lately at Greeley West.   Whether accidentally or purposefully, the tardies are very noticeable to the staff.  They are wanting to nip the problem in the bud and started to hand out punishments for being late. 

Mr. Jeff Cranson believes that all these tardies are going to affect the students past their school lives and that it is disrespectful to the teachers and staff who spend time and care putting together their lessons. As a result, Cranson has instituted lunch detentions for students with frequent tardies.  He believes that this punishment will benefit teachers and students, both. He hopes it teaches students be astute and appear on time and allows teachers to teach the lessons that they worked hard developing.

Cranson said, “If you’re on time you’re late. If you’re five minutes early you’re on time.”

Senior Beau Martin thinks the punishment is a little harsh, especially given his belief that students are excited to finally roam the halls after years of Covid protocols.   Martin pointed to different punishments like after-school detention or phone calls to parents.  ”I’ts better to be late than not here at all,” Martin said.