New Introspection Club hones in on students’ mental health

Tanian Schuttler, Staff Writer

A new Introspection Club opens students up to aiding their own well-being and recognizing how to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Students in Mr. Don Wagner’s psychology classes learned about the term introspection- to self-reflect – and took initiative to create a club for students who want to learn to do that in a healthy way. 

Throughout COVID-19 and the online schooling that students had to endure, there was a change in many student’s behavior, their psychology, and their stress levels. This club has been created to help manage that and get back on track for learning.

Senior ZuZu Swapp, who joined the club when she heard about it, said it is, “an interesting way to learn about why our brains work the way they do.”

Psychology is tied into this club because Introspection Club is advised by Wagner, the psychology teacher in Greeley West’s building.

“Our purpose is to create a positive environment for students to support positive mental health,” Wagner said. 

The club meets Thursdays during lunch and is aimed at teaching students new techniques for learning more about themselves and how they can manage stress. Some of these techniques include meditation, breathing exercises, self-esteem analysis, and leaning on others in the club that are all there to reach a common goal. 

In reference to its impact in the building senior Ethan Sinclair said, “I wholeheartedly believe that it will benefit any student involved. The Introspection Club promotes a rational look into oneself, and will help any student better understand themselves and their psychological tendencies,” said Sinclair. 

This new club is a new way to bring students together and shed a positive light on supporting their own mental health. Wagner encourages any student interested to join in on the positivity.