Who is Julia Arlint?

Who is Julia Arlint?

Jena Abels, Staff Writer

Name: Julia Arlint

Year: Junior

What are you thinking about your future? I want to go into real estate because I don’t want to go to school and because of the money. 

Where do you work? I work at Wendy’s. I just started. I know the cash register. 

Daily routine? Mostly school, but over the summer it was more scattered.I’m not too organized. 

Good habit? My skin routine.

Favorite hobbies? I don’t really have hobbies, but I do play the violin and want to pick up the guitar.

Favorite app? Apple music because I like music. I listen to almost anything. 

Favorite time waster?I like to play with my cats and watch a movie. I don’t have a favorite type of movie. I just watch what I’m feeling.

Sleep schedule? I try to go to sleep at 10 cause i have to wake up at 7. I ride the bus sometimes, so I have to make sure I’m ready.

How do you know when you have been successful? When I get the results. But when it’s in the real world, it would be not having to worry about money, and feel free to do whatever I want without worry.