Students celebrate Homecoming under the stars

Greeley West Student Council member Dylan Gesick sets up a photo booth for Saturdays Homecoming dance.

Photo Courtesy of Kimmy Shanks

Greeley West Student Council member Dylan Gesick sets up a photo booth for Saturday’s Homecoming dance.

Maddie Zeller, Staff Writer

This past weekend, Greeley West Spartans got back to one of the most exciting traditions in a high school student’s years. The annual Homecoming dance was set “Under the Stars” and the students had a great evening. 

Last school year, all festivities were canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however the Spartans were back to boogie on Saturday. This year’s Homecoming theme was Starry Night and it truly was set under the night sky. The dance was celebrated on the patio and in the lobby. 

Students enjoyed a fun night of dancing, music, pictures, and even crowd surfing.  Freshman Gavin Peterson said, “It was fun getting ready and going to dinner, and once we actually got to the dance it was fun to see friends and people I knew.”

Although the administration on hand was not happy to see such chaos, many of the Spartans can agree that it was nice to finally enjoy a night with friends. “We did crowd surf and the staff and admin did not appreciate that at all,” said Petersen. 

The night ended up being a smashing success, especially after many students complained out loud about the dance being held outside. Despite the rocky start, students thought h\Homecoming was a fun experience nonetheless. Senior class president Kimmy Shank said,“My friends enjoyed the dance and thought it came together really well. It was a safe and fun way to celebrate.“

Does this mean that Greeley West has started a new tradition with a new patio being designed in the new building?  We’ll wait and see.