Who is Jayden Stednitz?

Who is Jayden Stednitz?

Jena Abels, Staff Writer

Name: Jayden Stednitz

Year: Senior

What are you thinking about your future? I’m joining the Marines because I feel like that is the only option.

Where do you work or if not where do you want to work? I wish I could work at an animal shelter so I could help them too. 

What is a good habit that you have? I think a habit that I have that I have kept is being nice to everyone even if it’s not deserved. 

Favorite hobbies? My hobbies are having to run every morning for the marines and sleeping because it’s a way to recharge for the next day 

Favorite app? My favorite app is Tik Tok because some people are funny.

Favorite time waster? My time waster is sleeping. 

Sleep schedule? My sleep schedule is I go to bed around 12 or sometimes 11 depending on how tired I am and then I wake up at 5 to run.

How do you know when you have been successful? When I get to the goal I was trying to reach, and when I feel relieved about what was finished.